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About the Author

Marcus V. Calvert is a native of Detroit who grew up with an addiction to sci-fi. Since 2011, he’s written three short story collections (Unheroic, The Book of Schemes, and Protected) and two novels (I, Villain and Murder Sauce). His third novel (Frag Code) will be out by spring of 2016.

His goal is to tell unique, twisted stories that people will be reading long after he’s gone. For him, the name and the fame aren’t important. Only the stories matter.

You can connect with him on Facebook or view his sporadic blogs on Goodreads.


Marcus Calvert pulls it off in story after story, creating entire worlds in just a few pages, some set now, some set in the future, every scenario vivid, every line of dialogue concise and pushing the story along. Read and enjoy.

 - Mark E. Morelli

Even though I'm not a huge reader of fantasy or sci-fi, these stories had enough a hint of realism in them to make them highly enjoyable for me. And they encompassed so much more than just fantasy or sci-fi. But the thing I loved the most about them was that they were utterly unpredictable, and that's hard to find in today's mass media market. Every story had a twist or turn that was unexpected and I loved it. I thought I'd find myself reading a story every couple of days, but I loved them so much that I had a hard time putting them down, wondering where the author would take me next.

 - Janine Williams